Anne Marie Orsini

Anne Marie Orsini

-Portrait of Anne Marie Orsini by Nicolas de Largillière

During the 9th century the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean people began to propagate citrus trees for their delectable fruits which had resulted from the ancient trade routes from South East Asia, India and China. The fruit, juice, rind, leaves and blossoms were all preserved to create a variety of culinary products including perfumes. By the 16th century, other than intentional plantations, citrus trees began to show up in the gardens of elitists representing social status.

Anne Marie Orsini (born Anne Marie de La Tremoille) became the duchess of Bracciano via her marriage to the Duke of Bracciano. She subsequently became known as Princess of Nerola Italy (hence the name Neroli) is coined for introducing the distillation of the bitter orange blossoms (Citrus aurantium var. amara) due her overwhelming fondness for the enchanting aroma.

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