Clary Sage

Salvia sclarea L. (Clary sage)

Products that contain Clary Sage:
Sapient Salvia

Salvia sclarea L. (Clary sage) is native to Italy and France and received its name from the Latin word ‘clarus’ which means to clarify or cleanse.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, clary sage oil is reputed to strengthen Qi that is depleted and it relaxes and improves circulation of Qi. This means that it is both a general tonic and an excellent antispasmodic.

Creating a decoction from the seeds produces a thick gluey substance (mucilage) which ancient people used as an eye wash. The infusion of the leaves and flowers in teas was thought to improve the health of the eyes, assist nervous tension and improve women’s health issues. It is imperative to realize that the ancient use and contemporary use of herbs, herbal teas and tinctures are not the same as essential oils.  As a result of the historical and traditional uses of Salvia sclarea, Clary Sage Essential Oil and just about every essential oil are now being purported as cure-alls as a result of misconstrued information between the use of fresh culinary herbs and herbal medicines. Under no circumstances should Clary Sage Essential Oil or any essential oil be ingested or used in any eye preparation or application.

Clary Sage Essential Oil & Aromatherapy

Clary Sage Essential Oil has earned the name 'The Woman's Oil' especially in relation to menstruation and menopause. As a result, there are many conflicting claims indicating that Clary Sage Essential Oil possesses estrogenic action.

It may well be useful in relieving menstrual pain, pre-menstrual symptoms, menopausal symptoms and other problems, but none of this necessitates an estrogen-like action. Excerpt taken from Robert Tisserand.

Clary Sage Essential Oil and many other essential oils have been studied for their mood altering properties. Some research indicates that Clary Sage Essential Oil assists in raising dopamine and serotonin levels leading to anti-depressant like actions.  Once again I highly recommend that my followers respect and honour the teachings of Robert Tisserand.

Not everyone should take substances that increase serotonin. In particular, drug interactions are possible. Be aware that a few essential oils, if taken with for example SSRI drugs, could possibly lead to serotonin syndrome. Excerpt taken from Robert Tisserand.

GRAS Status

Clary Sage Essential Oil as well as many other essential oils which are generally recognized as safe (GRAS status) by The United States Federal Drug Administration (FDA) are used in the flavouring of foods and beverages.  However, they are used in conjunction with edible lipids and nano-emulsions and under strict adherence to limitation levels by trained chemists. 
Simply adding essential oils to foods is a dangerous practice that could cause: mucus membrane and esophageal irritation, drug interactions, and toxicity.

Products that contain Clary Sage:
Sapient Salvia 


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