Contemporary depiction of Flora a Roman Goddess. Image of a young woman with long golden brown hair wearing a crown of flowers and greenery, surrounded by leaves and blossoms.

Flora is sold as a set:
One Roll-On Body Oil (10 ml)
+ One Linen/Body Spray (15 ml)

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The Roman goddess of spring known as the ‘flourishing one’ is associated with fertility especially related to the blossoming of fruit trees in early spring.

During her attendance in the time of the Sabines (ancient Italic tribe in central Italy 250 BC) she was called upon to protect the blossoms of fruit trees and assist in a bountiful yield of fruit for autumn harvesting.

Flora was known by the Greeks as 'Chloris' and was believed to have the powers to avert the formation of rust and fungal diseases on plants especially wheat.

During the 2nd century she was celebrated at an ancient religious ceremony known as 'Floralia' that began at the end of April and lasted 6 days.  The festival included theatrical performances, chariot races and circus games. Spectators and participants adorned themselves with flowers, wreathes and garlands.

Into the Renaissance years Flora was portrayed as a beautiful goddess adorned by plants and flowers with an emphasis on fertility. By The 18th century Flora became more associated with botanical science related to the plants that grew within a particular region, hence Fauna & Flora.