mage of a cartoon like elephant, blue head and trunk with human like eyes. Brown floppy ears, the elephant has human hands one is palm up the other is palm facing outwards. The elephant is wearing a jewel headpiece and is adorned with colourful beads.

Ganesh is sold as a set:

One Roll-On Perfume Oil (10 ml)
+ One Linen/Body Spray (15 ml)

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Ganesh is one of the most popular Gods in Hinduism representing many symbolic beliefs.

Elephants are commonly known to tramp down thick brush and clear the path for small animals to follow. For this reason, many worship Ganesh when embarking on a new venture in life in hopes that all obstacles will be removed in order to move forward with ease.

Ganesh also represents the ideology that life’s successes should be built upon humility and that every human should conduct themselves with purity, peace and truthfulness.