mage of a beautiful woman with dark shapely eye-brows, large dark eyes and full lips her face is elongated. She is wearing a headpiece that looks like long hair except that it is texturized to look like silk threads and long ribbons. The collar of her gown covers her entire neck with the same colourful ribbons of teal, purple, coral and browns. The woman's skin tone is indicative of a light brown east Indian person. The entire image is Artified, mottled and dappled with light.Lakshmi is sold as a set:

One Roll-On Body Oil (10 ml)
+ One Linen/Body Spray (15 ml)

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Lakshmi is a Hindu Goddess known for her generosity, beauty and fertility. Swathed in jewels she is the embodiment of prosperity and wealth. During Diwali, known as the ‘Festival of Lights’ small terracotta lamps are often filled with ghee and set outside of homes to invite this famous goddess to bless and protect their families.