Depiction of Nefertiti, she has striking features, large eyes outlined in dark coal, her cone shaped crown and collar is embellished with gold and aquamarine gems.

Nefertiti is sold as a set:
One Roll-On Body Oil (10 ml)
+ One Linen/Body Spray (15 ml)

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During the 14th century BC Nefertiti was celebrated for her beauty and power, she was considered the embodiment of perfection.

It is believed that when she married Amenhotep IV she was in favour of him changing his name to Akhenaten resulting in a monotheism movement of worshiping 'Aten' which was considered an obscure aspect of 'Ra' the Sun God.

Akhenaten declared that Aten was the almighty creator, giver of life and a nurturing spirt, as a result, a symbolic sun disc with far reaching rays is seen in many ancient artifacts.

During Akhenaten’s reign, his wife Nefertiti, was elevated to co-equal status in the worship of Aten. However, after Akhenaten’s death, Nefertiti, restored polytheism, and improved the financial and political stability of ancient Egypt.

The iconic bust of Nefertiti was created by Thutmose an ancient Egyptian sculptor and was discovered by an archaeological team in 1912 in Amarna Egypt.  It is believed that Nefertiti was the step-mother of King Tutankhamun, however much of her life remains a mystery as her tomb is yet to be found.