Over the course of my career as an Aromatherapist I have created close to 10,000 aromatic formulas, resulting in the ability to recall the way in which an aroma resides in my memory and the outcome of a mixture when multiple scents are blended. It has become an automatic process, intuitive you could say. 

I align myself as more of an Aromachologist rather than an Aromatherapist, as I am a firm believer in the psychology of scent.

Many of my products have an aura of femininity, however I do not classify my aromatic offerings as masculine or feminine. My mission is to create synthetic free products that everyone can use to scent their personal space while respecting everyone's orientation, identity, cultural and traditional beliefs.


Image Description: Relief depicting visitors offering gifts to King Persepolis Darius during the Persian Empire.

Humans have been drawn-to, and fascinated by beautiful scents since the beginning of time. During ancient times it was common practice to burn resins, woods, grasses, and herbs at purification ceremonies. Various other plant extracts and oils were used at anointing rituals, and as offerings to mother earth, the stars, the planet, spirits, goddesses and gods.  These are important historical and cultural practices, that have fostered humans with their desire to survive. 

Image Description: Relief depicting visitors offering gifts to King Persepolis Darius during the Persian Empire.

In my opinion these traditional methods can and should, continue to exist side-by-side with contemporary healthy-living practices in order to support the emotional, spiritual and physical facets of life.

Humans resinate well with the natural environment and given the amount of synthetic substances and pollutants in our lives, I believe that the use of natural aromatics work in tandem with natural living.

-Sandra Topper
  Canadian Professional Aromatherapist since 1993
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